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Practice Self-awareness In Daily Life

Mindfulness Awake Space

Our reality may seem loaded with outer variables that we have no control over. In any case, we can at least control our point of view about our world if not control where the sources of stress and anxiety are coming from. That is where mindfulness can hep us. You can further develop your wellness by applying mindfulness methods in your day to day.

Ways to practice self awareness

● Do you talk down on yourself? Do you beat yourself up with unhelpful thoughts about your mistakes, embarrassing moments and regrets? Or are you your own cheer-leader?

● Careful contemplation is an effective method to begin your journey into mindfulness. Be aware of your thoughts. Do this without judgement. Once you have more awareness of your thoughts, the next step would be to weed out the good and helpful thoughts from the not so helpful ones. It takes practice and constant vigilance to keep a clear and positive outlook. It's the same thing as dusting your house or apartment. It takes regular upkeep which may seem tedious at first but gradually becomes a habit like brushing your teeth!

● Plagued by annoying habits that won't go away? One of the main components of mindfulness is discovering and understanding the reason why you do what you do the things you do. Again, be compassionate with yourself. It is not an exercise to find all your faults and be sorry about them. Simply see your own qualities and filter out what is useful in your life as a human being and what you can do without. Self-acceptance is key to self-care and self-love and self-awareness is the beginning of all of this.

● Figure out how to recognize your triggers. What are the signals of your body and mind that tells you that you are reaching stress point? What are the things that gets you anxious and stressed? What are your automatic reactions to these situations? This exercise helps you learn about your core values.

● There is no shame in consulting with a professional such as a councilor or psychologist about your strengths and shortcomings. It tends to be a critical pathway to mindfulness. Having a mirror is useful when you are looking at yourself! Trained councilors and psychologists can be these mirrors without any hurtful judgement.

● Try something new. Challenge yourself once in a while and go out of your comfort zone. This is a great way to discover and unlock your hidden potential.

● Stop for some time. Take a full breath in and a breath out.

● Contemplate your experience growing up and recall what fulfilled you at that time. What were your childhood dreams? How have they changed and how have they remained the same?

● Practice yoga with presence. Then spread out to activities outside your yoga mat and do those with presence.

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