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Healing Workshop "reclaiming Your Power" Atelier Soin Energetique: récupérez votre pouvoir" April 15 Monday 9:30-11:30 English, Mardi 16 avril 9:30-11:30 francais

I am very excited to bring this opportunity to come together for healing. This is going to be a live event but you do not have to be on camera.

Our journey will begin with a shamanic journey to meet your power animal to retreive and reclaim hidden and lost power that you need now in your life's journey. It followed by energetic healing to align you with truth - truth of your natural abilities and power. I will work a lot on your first and third chakras as well as the chakras below your feet and Merlin's Healing Grid to bring more clarity and direction to your life path.

price €50

link to pay

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