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I love Sunshine's peaceful presence and energy. She's very knowledgeable about the philosophy, postures, and anatomy of yoga. As a spiritual person, I especially appreciated practicing raja yoga (meditating), the chakras (energy channels), and the pranayamas (breathing exercises) along with the philosophy. I also admire teachers who respect the traditional ways and cultural roots. Thank you Sunshine for your teachings, your energy and your time. And thank you to you and your family for welcoming us in your home at the end of this training.

-Chelsea Carter, 30 (French-American). 

What a wonderful learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an RYT 200 course! Sunshine is a seasoned teacher who shares both her knowledge and love for yoga in an enthusiastic, kind and generous way. More particularly, she has planned a course that is very balanced: through yoga practice, lectures and practical workshops, I felt that the training helped me to not only deepen my personal practice, but also build up the confidence to teach yoga (something that I never thought I would be able to do). What I particularly enjoyed and appreciated during the training was that it went beyond the physical aspects of yoga. While the study of asanas and daily yoga practice were an integral part of the course, we were also taught the history, theory and philosophy of yoga with the same amount of commitment and ardor. As a bonus to all of the above, the setting in Coudures is ideal for yoga teacher training because the proximity to nature really encourages you to turn inwards. The accommodation is clean and to the point and the food is simple but extremely tasty - Glen is a brilliant cook. Overall, I would highly recommend Rainbow Light yoga for your RYT 200 - if you are looking for a course that examines equally the body, the mind and the spirit, that is set in a beautiful location close to nature and that is taught by a talented and generous teacher, this might be the right pick for you.

- Sofia from Malta


"Authentique retraite et formation de haute qualité"Ana propose un approfondissement du yoga comme discipline physique, spirituelle et philosophique. Pendant ces 24 jours, il est possible de découvrir plusieurs styles de hatha yoga et d'approfondir les connaissances sur les autres formes de yoga grâce à la bibliothèque. Les journées sont bien construites avec un équilibre entre le corps et l'esprit. Le matin la priorité est donnée aux activités physiques tandis que l'après-midi est prioritairement consacré aux études et aux échanges. Le centre de Glen et Ana est situé en pleine campagne landaise dans un lieu propice à la méditation et à l'activité physique. Le silence des voitures et de la foule laisse place aux chants des oiseaux et aux bruissements des feuillages forestiers environnants. Besoin de bouger? Il est facile de trouver un chemin de randonnée, un circuit pour faire un jogging ou encore d'emprunteur des routes connues du Tour de France ou du Pèlerinage de Compostelle. Le lieu est une magnifique maison de campagne avec tout le confort. Les chambres sont agréables avec du parquet et offrent une vue panoramique sur les environs. Les salles de bains sont confortables. La maison est entourée d'un immense jardin bien entretenu. Il dispose de plusieurs pour se délasser dont une petite cabane en bois avec d'immenses coussins. Les repas végétariens (vegan ou gluten free sur demande) sont un vrai délice. La qualité et la quantité ne font jamais défaut. Enfin, vous avez le wifi et on capte très bien la 3G et la 4G.

- Eric from France

The couple of months i trained with Sunshine were life changing. Anxiety and Depression were really bad at the time and i wasnt doing much with my life but had a hint i wanted to try yoga so i jumped into the YTT200 training and i realised Yoga was definitely the path i needed at the time and its something thats always gonna be my life and it keeps me grounded. She was a lovely teacher and hostess and i loved the material she picked for us both of the physical practise and theory.I learned so much in them 200 hours and if shes ever gonna be teaching the YTT500 i will be there learning off her. :)


- Stephen from Ireland

I was really stressed not to be able to manage the YTT200 physically and emotionally, but the way it was organised really helped me to go further in my personal practice and moreover to learn a precise teaching technique ! (Indeed, it was not too much so we could process all the knowledge we had had, but strong enough to give us a solid base to work with.) Besides, Rainbowlight Yoga is really respectful of each body and each mind, a very important aspect for me to adapt my teaching. With this YTT, I’ve discovered a complete yoga teaching and practice, helping me (and so my future students) to work with my own energy and be more conscious of myself and daily life. Sunshine is wonderful to give your confidence in yourself and your abilities, helping to progress from where you are ! And last but not least, the place is really nice where you can enjoy calm and nature !

- Sandra from France

I wish I could do something wonderful to express my gratitude to Sunshine, Rainbowlight yoga retreat and my enjoyment for being given a fantastic opportunity to participate in such a comprehensive and educational training.

I have always wanted to develop my teaching skills in yoga and having the opportunity to take this qualification with Rainbowlight yoga has been once of the most important things I have done to develop my career as a yoga instructor.

I have been thoroughly blessed with relaxation, exercise and knowledge all at the right level for me, apart from the very comfortable facilities, delicious food and the company of mind like people who made my training even more interesting and exciting.

I do recommend if you want to receive high quality training with a wonderful brilliant teacher, then take some time for your self and enjoy the blessing of sunshine teaching as that is certain one of the experiences in my life which I will never forget.

- Wendy from London

I had a great experience at Rainbow Light Yoga (Retreat) having just completed my Yoga Teacher Training 200 (November 2016). Sunshine and Glen (and their two gorgeous children!) are exceedingly accommodating and are very hospitable. Sunshine is very patient and thorough in her teaching of yoga, making it clear that there are many different ways people practice and many paths of yoga - it isn't all about the moves! We were exposed to many various ways of learning - through research, reading, watching various videos, discussions and plenty of practice (on many days having two lessons in addition to teaching and 'pose' practice). Every morning and evening we had a meditation - again, exposing us to various methods. A wonderful retreat that really lets you 'find yourself'. Emilia also helped teach the classes and was always at hand to help you with advice or pass on her knowledge and experiences. Would I recommend this retreat - absolutely, wholeheartedly. Will I go back - yes. I am working on that now.............. :-)

- Jo from England

Awake Space / formation prof yoga retraites de bien-être France

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