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Healing & Personal Development

Growth through healing our wounds and stepping into more freedom and courage to be our authentic selves and discover all our infinite possibilities.  Deep dive into psychology and personal development.

"Unlocking our full potential and nurturing personal growth is a process rooted in the principles of psychology and the application of various development techniques. Through this profound journey, we delve into the intricacies of our psyche, illuminating the pathways to healing and self-discovery.

Our first step involves addressing past wounds, trauma healing and cognitive restructuring. By acknowledging and healing these wounds, we pave the way for emotional resilience and transformation, allowing us to overcome the barriers that have held us back.

As we traverse this landscape of self-exploration, we embrace self-actualization and self-identity. Cultiating self-awareness and self-acceptance through mindfulness and introspection, gaining a deeper understanding of our authentic selves. Journaling, meditation, and self-reflection become essential tools on this journey.

Gain a positive mindset, view challenges as opportunities for personal development and  seek out your strengths and values. Learn goal setting and positive affirmation. Make intentional changes in our actions and thought patterns. Actively shape your own personal development journey in a nurturing environment for self-improvement.

Personal Development Magical Awakenings: Energetic Healing, Transforming Your Deepest Blockages with Roo Osterfield (Elite Success Clinic)
Next Dates : April 24-27, 2024

Roo is a Master Therapist, He has been honing his skills since 2004 over which time he has gained advance accreditations in a total of 7 forms of therapy and developed his modality through thousands of hours, working with clients. Modalities used in this retreat: Advance EFT and Theta Healing
Psycho-energetic Coding
Psychoanalytical Energy Psychotherapy
Pre-birth life plan
Past life regression therapy

Join a small group of individuals on a journey of
self discovery and healing with Roo Osterfield. Together, with the group energy and Roo’s guidance, discover your deepest blockages and learn the techniques to free them, creating a life path plan to move forward.

This could be the best thing you can do towards a life of peace, understanding, fulfilment and joy!
During the retreat Roo will be holding workshops on the following topics
- Divine Alignment, Trust in the Divine Plan
- True Purpose
- Powerlessness…Money
- Releasing Practical Conditioning, Connection to Love Finding Love
- Releasing Generational Curses
- Releasing Gender Specific Trauma
- Deepening Your Connection to Creator
- Chakra Alignment for Abundance

The journey towards passion, purpose and unlimited abundance is a path of self love. Begin your journey today!

Working with Richard has been nothing short of transformational, creating a tangible and lasting positive impact across many areas of my life
-Angie B

With every session we do it’s like my vision is upgraded a notch as everything seems so much clearer
- Loretta M

€925 double room shared, €1199 single room

Next Dates : April 24-27, 2024

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