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Meet Sunshine Ross

You may be wondering if you have found the right training. You may think twice if you have what it takes to complete the journey. You are curious about what you will learn and what your days will be like. I am here to help.


My name is Sunshine Ross and I am the founder of Awake Space, Château de Montcuquet. I have been teaching yoga for the past 18 years and i have been helping individuals like you realise their dream of becoming yoga teachers for the last eight years. In my experience, there are individuals who take this course just to deepen their practice and be with other like minded spiritual seekers. There are those who already have established practices such as life coaching, or work in fitness and wellness who want to add yoga to their services offered, and those who are passionate about yoga and now want to share the practice with others. You're in the right place.


Let's go step by step together. 

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