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Camel Pose I Ustrasana

So now let's learn camel pose, in Sanskrit- ustrasana. Have a go at saying the Sanskrit - Oohs Strassen. Have your knees hip width apart. You also want your hips just above your knees. Now, in yoga, the most common complaints are knee issues and lower back issues. Well, in this case, if you have knee issues, you can tuck the toes under, and that will help, or else what you can do is you can fold the mat over, so you have more cushioning for your knees.

We place our hands on the lower back with the fingers pointing up. This allows you to rotate the shoulders and bring the shoulder blades together. Now for some people, it's very difficult for them to have their hands this way. You can place the hands on the lower back with the fingers pointing down.

What's important is you roll the shoulders back, and down and together, roll the shoulders back, down and together. Now we will keep the chin to the chest for this first variation. Then you simply slowly lower the shoulders down as you push your hips forward. Keep the hips in line with the knees. So think of pushing the hips forward rather than lowering the hips. Contract your glute muscles. Slowly come up and relax. You can relax in child's pose. This makes for a good counter-pose. For most beginners, you can do the camel pose this way.

If you're comfortable, you can release your head all the way back. Now, remember, just a note on the head and the neck. You either keep your chin to your chest, or you release your head all the way back. But you don't do in between because that will create too much tension around the neck area.

Let's see the second version. Roll the shoulders back and down. The knees are hip with apart, keep the hips just above my knees. Release the head back. When you come out, you slowly bring the chin in, and then the torso.

If you are comfortable with that, you might be able to place your hands right on the floor. Stay for at least five breaths. Don't rush.Let your heart open. Slowly come out and go into child's pose.

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