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Half Moon Pose Or Ardha Chandrasana

Let's have a look at the half-moon pose that is Ardha Chandrasana in Sanskrit.

Ardha means half, Chandra means moon Asana means pose so it's the half-moon pose with your feet together and stepping one leg to the back.

In this case, you can be in triangle pose, extend angle pose, or in Warrior Two. We're going to start standing.

Inhale and lift your right leg up, exhale, and step that leg through the back, open your hips out to the side. And now start to place weight on the left leg or the front leg and open your arms out to the sides as well.

As you place weight on the front leg, you lift the back leg up, touch the floor in front of you with the left hand and lift the right arm all the way up towards the ceiling or towards the sky.

Turn your head forwards or up and release Bend the front knee, and now step to the front. You can also do it this way, inhale the right leg up, exhale, and step to the back.

Place your right hand on your waist and your left hand forward. So this way, you can have more balance, because sometimes students will tend to waver with their hands and with their legs, so you don't have to think about your arm moving anywhere, just place it on your waist. Then place weight on the front leg and touch the floor with the left hand.

Shoulders in one line hips in one line. Now the key is to spread those. And as high as you can lift this leg, this actually gives you a better balance. Now the balance is always an issue with the half-moon pose. And that case, you can use a block. So use the block as an extension of your arm. Now your arm is longer.

Place your weight on the front leg, and place the block in front of you. So notice what I'm doing here is a variation. Instead of lifting the leg straight up, first, have it on the floor. And only have toes on the floor. and then gradually lift your leg up.

When you are ready, You can lift your right arm up and step to the front. That's the variation with the block. Now, this process is quite challenging for your balance, but once you get there, it's really worthwhile. So I suggest that you practice it a lot, and for beginners to do it step by step. Hope you have fun with this pose and enjoy it.

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