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Happy New Year

Many best wishes for the new year! Looking back at this whirlwind year of us, I can 't believe we have been in Chateau de Montcuquet for only six months and have produced 3 teacher trainings and 2 retreats. We are so thankful to the super work-awayers who worked enthusiastically and tirelessly behind the scenes to get us up and running before the arrival of the first retreatants - Ellis, Christopher, Daniel, Yael and Marcel. We are thankful for our volunteer yoga teachers who led some beautiful classes and took care of the groups - Lavinia, Amelie and Matthieu. Patrick for starting the clearing work in the woods.


in 2024, apart from the yoga teacher trainings, we hope to continue with the shorter retreats offerings and continue to open up the chateau doors to the community. Plans are underway for a visitor's guide and pathway, a compilation of the history of the chateau. We are looking for an architect or architecture student specialising in medieval structures to help us produce a visitor's guide. Some special highlights for us last summer was just the amount of travellers rocking up to visit, including a group of watercolour artists who spend the afternoon painting the chateau, welcoming a few of the villagers we have met - the chateau has been part of their landscape since forever and some of them have never been inside including the great great great (probably another great) grandchildren of the Louis Ligonier who came into possession of the chateau at the end of the 17th century.



Some of you might have noticed that i have stepped into the world of shamanism. What a revelation for me. It feels to me like the missing part of modern yoga and indeed it can be likened to the tantric practices of old. So here is a recording for you below of a recent shamanic voyage session i did for the last yoga teacher training. I did my best here to do it in both languages - French and English. plus two other video interviews below. Enjoy!


April 1-4 "Multidimensional Awakening: Atlantean Activation Fruits of Life" with Ha’ladrel and Lex. watch the video below with Chai Kim LeeApril 24-27 "Personal Development: Magical Awakenings: Energetic Healing, Transforming Your Deepest Blockages" with Roo Osterfield (Elite Success Clinic). Watch the video below with Roo OsterfieldApril 29 - May 2 "Kundalini and Shamanism" avec Sunshine Ross

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