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One Heart Healing Event

🇬🇧 Monday April 8, 9-10h (CET)

Energetic Healing is one of the few things that has really been monumental in my life and I would like to share this with you.

I am offering a distance healing working on bringing in “peace” in your life.

What situation in your life brings you most stress? What is stressing you out the most in your life?

I will be working to strengthen your nervous to help you manage stress. Then I will work to strengthen and optimise your energy body and vibrational body to favour stress management.

Finally, I will put your particular “stressful issue” on the Merlin’s Healing Grid to create some space and peace in that situation in your life.

If you are not tuning in during the session time, please make your intention for the “stressful issue or condition” before the event, like a prayer.

After the session I will be giving feedback with the tarot or channeled messages.

You don't have to worry about joining any online groups or making calls to participate. Simply find a cozy spot to relax while you receive the healing, lie in Savasana,focus on your feelings and sensations during the process, and release any resistance you may feel as your system undergoes a profound transformation. If you can’t make the date and time, the healing will still work.

In the days following the healing, just observe any changes in your daily experiences and inner thoughts. Notice what's changed, what remains the same, and what new possibilities open up for you. Simple be aware of the shifts that have taken place.

Price €10

Monday April 8, 9-10h (CET)

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