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Who was Swami Rama?

Swami Rama yoga teacher
Swami Rama yoga teacher

“When the senses are well-controlled and withdrawn from contact with the objects of the world, then sense perceptions no longer create images in the mind. The mind is then trained in one-pointedness. When the mind no longer recalls thought-patterns from the unconscious, a balanced state of mind leads to a higher state of consciousness. A perfect state of serenity established in sattva is the highest state of enlightenment. The practice of meditation and non-attachment are the two keynotes. A very firm conviction is essential for establishing a definite philosophy of life. Intellect”

Swami Rama (born December 10, 1925 in Uttar Pradesh, India) was an Indian spiritual teacher and guru. He was the founder of the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, a charitable trust which runs a hospital in India, as well as the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in the United States. He was also the author of many books on yoga, meditation and spirituality.

He was born into a family of brahmins, the highest caste in Hindu society. His father was a Sanskrit scholar and his mother was a devoted housewife. From a young age, Swami Rama showed signs of extraordinary spiritual power. When he was just eight years old, he is said to have levitated in front of his amazed family and friends.

Himalayan International Institute

The Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy is an international non-profit organization started by Sami Rama, which promotes yoga and holistic health through yoga retreats, residential programs, health products and services, media publications including Yoga International magazine, and humanitarian projects. A range of educational programming for yoga teachers is offered by the Himalayan Institute including training workshops, online courses, seminars, and certifications. The Himalayan Institute runs humanitarian projects in different areas of the world. In Kumbo, Cameroon, the institute has implemented vocational training courses in agriculture, holistic medicine, and carpentry.

In Jonotla, Mexico, a Himalayan Institute branch center holds sustainable agriculture workshops. The Himalayan Institute has been responsible for several notable sustainability and alternative energy initiatives, including the cultivation of biofuel crops in India,[8] Cameroon and Mexico. [9] In 2010, the organization received a government grant to install a solar thermal system at its headquarters.

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